QUAKERCOOL® 3750 BF / 3760 BF





A major powertrain manufacturer was using an old soluble oil technology in four of their coolant systems. The soluble oil coolant usage for the facility was 247,926 gallons equating to $2,097,454 for soluble oils alone. Quaker was awarded the Chemical Management contract and wanted to show switching from their old soluble oils to premium fluids would Eliminate the following problems:

  • Increased sump side additive costs
  • Foul odors because of live and dead bacteria and fungi
  • Increased risk of downtime due to blinding of filtration devices
  • Poor mycobacteria resistance
  • Increased dump schedule
  • Increased manpower to re-charge central systems, make pesticide additions and cycle machines over down periods
  • Increase system cleanout costs
  • Increased additive costs
  • Excessive centrifuging
  • Increased scrap
  • Increased waste treatment costs due to higher discharge levels
  • Poor tool life




Quaker put together a proposal showing that although premium fluids cost more per gallon, the manufacturer would still achieve a chemical costs savings, as well as cost savings in the following areas:

  • Additives
  • Manpower
  • Tooling
  • Waste treatment
  • System cleanout
  • Scrap

The manufacturer would also benefit from decreased downtime and improved productivity, along with a decrease in the health and safety concerns related to running soluble oil fluids. With this proposal Quaker gained approval to begin converting the systems to QUAKERCOOL® 3750 BF/3760 BF.