An automotive parts manufacturer was looking to replace the water glycol (HFC) fire-resistant hydraulic fluids being used to operate their die casting equipment. The fluid being used:

  • Had the typical lubricating properties of water glycol fluids
  • Pump wear and pump lifetime were unacceptable to this manufacturer

To help improve operations, the manufacturer tested QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 polyol ester (HFD) fluids as a potential replacement.




First, Quaker helped the manufacturer to understand the advantages of changing from water glycol (HFC) fluids to polyol ester (HFD-U) fluids. These advantages include:

  • Superior lubrication properties
  • Easier waste treatment/waste disposal/reclamation
  • Lower vapor pressure
  • Reduced fluid maintenance
  • Inherent fire propagation resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved corrosion protection

Although HFD-U fluids can cost up to 1.5 – 2 times the cost of HFC fluids, the reduction in pump wear and waste treatment costs that a manufacturer can experience with HFD-U fluids more than makes up for the initial cost difference. HFD-U fluids are lighter than water, which allows them to be removed from waste water streams by skimming. HFD-U fluids are much easier to remove during waste treatment processes than HFC fluids, which significantly reduces a manufacturer’s cost and waste.