A major underground mining company had established a dust volume standard of 1.75 mg/m3. However, when the mine’s dust levels were tested, the results showed a reading of 2.0 mg/m3 with 30% quartz. As a result the mine was:

  • Shut down
  • Asked to make improvements to their dust control plan

During this time, the mine also had a new dust standard established at .4 mg/m3, when the mine re-opened and tested again, the readings came back in violation of the standard at 1.02 mg/m3 and 2.2 mg/m3.

Quaker wanted to show that by adding DUSTGRIP™ TURBO dust suppressant the dust volume standard could
be achieved.




To improve the dust control plan, a scrubber was added at the crusher and DUSTGRIP™ TURBO was added to their operation at a treat rate of .08%. During this process, Quaker developed an effective and accurate automated injection system for DUSTGRIP™ TURBO. The product is currently introduced to the main water system at the mouth of the longwall section.

With both of these changes made, new tests were conducted and readings were taken. The test results showed dramatically improved results with a reading of .28 mg/m3. This represents an appropriate 90% reduction in dust. As a result the dust standard was raised up to 2.0 mg/m3.