Longwall 2013

Booth No. 805 | June 11-13, 2013
David L. Lawrence Conv. Center
1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Come visit us at Booth No. 805 to check out the Sarah Fisher Hartman
Racing Car, and enter to win tickets to the Grand Prix of Baltimore
on September 1st!

Come talk to our experts about our 3rd Generation QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02 Longwall Fluid and our DUSTGRIP™ Dust Suppressants.

Our 3rd Generation, QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02, offers a 100% synthetic, true solution, high water-based (HFA) hydraulic fluid concentrate for use in longwall shields. It keeps equipment clean and corrosion-free for years of service without any maintenance. That means no more damaging bacteria. No more corrosion or plugged filters. And, most importantly, improved safety for your workers. Plus, our longwall fluid is:

  • Approved by Joy Mining Machinery and Caterpillar via mine-
    specific testing
  • MSHA Approved
  • Biodegradable in accordance with ISO 7827
  • Compatible with all commonly used longwall fluids for
    easy conversion
  • Dyed for easy underground leak detection
  • Safer for the environment

Dust suppression is a continuous and costly activity in many industries; it impacts operational efficiency, impairs visibility, increasing accident risk and has detrimental effects on workers health and the work environment. Quaker’s DUSTGRIP™ dust suppressants offer solutions for these challenges, and our team of experts, application engineers, and chemists can customize an application to meet any dust challenges you face.

We will also have information on all of our innovative Mining solutions: